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How to tackle surface clutter

Updated: 4 days ago

kitchen with no clutter on surfaces
A clutter free kitchen counter

Last week I discussed surface clutter (if you missed that, check out the blog post here). Basically surface clutter is the clutter you see on the surfaces in your home.

There are two things that can be happening if you have surface clutter

  1. If there is a lot of surface clutter, you might feel overwhelmed, not know where to start, and think it will take too long to clear away - all of which keeps you from starting.

  2. If there is some surface clutter but it hasn't taken over your home, you might not see it as a big deal and put it off for another time.

The problem with this is that surface clutter tends to grow.

So, how do you tackle surface clutter?

By clearing it away in small amounts of time every day (or almost every day).

Okay, if you have heard me before, you probably aren't surprised I said that.

Here's why I say 15 to 30 minutes a day could help you:

  • If your home has a lot of surface clutter, this helps by keeping it from feeling like an overwhelming project.

  • If your home has less surface clutter, this helps because by doing it in such a small amount of time, it keeps moves it from low priority to a simple task to do every day until it's cleared.

  • Keeping the time short keeps you on track and even if you get distracted, there is always tomorrow.

  • You can get more done in 15-30 minutes than you realize.

I hope this helps you on your decluttering journey.

If you want to tackle the surface clutter and want a road-map to help you clear it away, I've created a 30-Day Declutter Program where you get an email from me every day. For more information, click here.

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