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30-Day Declutter

Clear the clutter in
15 minutes a day

If you are a busy person and you want to declutter your world

but have no idea where to start...

You are going to love this simple and effective 30-day declutter experience that makes decluttering achievable.

At the end of the step-by-step process, you will be able to:

  • Spend less time cleaning/putting things away and more time doing the things you love 

  • Gain a sense of accomplishment for all the work you did

  • Save money because you won’t buy duplicates of things you already have (and now you know where they are)

  • Feel relief - like a load was just lifted from your shoulders

What to expect in this simple, keep-you-accountable program:

  • An email every day from me guiding you through what to do

  • Each daily task is 15 minutes of decluttering

  • It has been set up so you will not be running from one spot to another - it will all be part of the flow of your home

What past clients are saying:

"When I started the online declutter program, I was struggling to find the time to declutter my home. While I enjoy decluttering, I found that I would get sucked into it for hours and often resisted decluttering knowing that it would grow into a large, unmanageable project that my family would resent. Elisa’s Declutter Program is extremely well organized. It helped me to break the chore into manageable (even enjoyable!) daily tasks. Elisa’s daily reminders helped me to limit my time spent each day. Knowing that I could tackle the next part tomorrow helped me to stop for the day, which kept me from becoming overwhelmed by the project. The Declutter Program has allowed me to rid my home of unnecessary things, which has in turn left room for better organization, less visual clutter, and less anxiety. I would absolutely recommend Elisa’s Declutter Program and any of her decluttering services. Nearly everyone—those who struggle to declutter and those (like me) who might like decluttering a bit too much—can benefit from these services.

-Robin S.

“Thank you for such a productive month of decluttering my home. Your support through the emotional attachment throughout was exactly what I needed to clear away so much stuff that just moved with us from house to house. I really enjoyed the journal exercises you gave me. They gave me clarity around how I want my home to feel. Having worked with you I now feel confident to keep going and be discerning around letting go of things that are just taking up space.”

-Gena F.


I’m Elisa Lindstrom, an ex-therapist turned declutter coach. I am a strong believer that once we clear away the clutter in our homes and our lives, we make room for so much more. Whether we have more time with our families, more mental space, or more money in our bank account, removing clutter changes lives.


When I’m not decluttering, I’m an artist inspired by nature who drinks way too much tea, fawns over my plants and walks around the neighborhood. I live with my partner and teenager just north of Chicago.

Are you ready to start?

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