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What is surface clutter?

Updated: 4 days ago

office with clutter on surfaces

When looking at a cluttered space, it's easy to think it's all the same. But the truth is there are different types of clutter. The clutter that you see on tables, counters, chairs, the floor, etc. is surface clutter.

The thing with surface clutter is that since you see it all the time, it's easy for it to cause stress - a constant reminder that you haven't cleared it away, etc. It's a stress that you don't think about all of the time but is always there, almost like a nagging feeling.

In some homes surface clutter is seen easily and everywhere and in other homes, there is not much surface clutter, instead, it's hidden in cupboards, cabinets, closets, and other storage spaces. And of course, there are the homes that are in between the two.

When a client is overwhelmed with clutter and doesn't know where to start, this is the clutter I'd suggest they tackle first because it's usually items that: have a spot to go to and just need to be put away; and aren't emotionally charged so they are easy to sort through. Because of this, it's an easy way for the client to feel better and lighter about the space they are in.

If you feel overwhelmed with surface clutter and need a quick, easy-to-follow road map to clear away the surface clutter in your home, I have a 30-day Declutter Program just for you. If you want to know more, click here.

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