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You can not have peace without truth.

A couple of weeks ago I watched the Harry and Meghan series on Netflix. And although there were many takeaways that we could go into, I wanted to talk about something Meghan Markle said that really struck me. She said "You can not have peace without truth". And I absolutely agree. When I talk about connecting with your inner self, I am talking about YOUR truth. Who you really are. And when we connect with that truth and honor it, so many things in our lives become easier. Harder, yes, but also easier.

It's easier to see who is not a good fit for you and your life.

It's easier to see what you want and what isn't right for you.

It's harder because it means learning and speaking new boundaries.

It becomes harder because it might not be something you are used to.

But when you step into your truth and own it, you start your path towards peace.

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