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When it’s hard to declutter your storage

I'm going to be completely honest with you here, whenever I work with a client and we tackle the storage they consistently give themselves a hard time because they have so much stuff.

So if this is you, let me tell you what I've told my clients:

You are not a bad person for holding onto things. There are a million reasons why we keep items for years and all of them made sense at the time. We all have stuff we like to squirrel away and it's different for everyone. When you held onto that item and then put it in your storage area you had a reason for doing it and your intentions were good.

Listen, even if you put it in storage because you were not feeling up to letting go of it and it just felt easier to put it in the closet/attic/garage etc. --- you were doing what you needed to do at the time. You were doing what you could with what you had and on that day you didn't have the bandwidth or the energy or whatever to sit down and figure out what to do with the item.

So now you have storage that you want to go through (or you have to go through), what do you do? First of all please think about what I said above and when you find yourself getting angry for holding onto items for so long, remind yourself that you were doing what you needed to or thought was a good idea at the time.

Next, know that it might take awhile to go through the storage and that's okay. You. might not be able to go through it all in one go. If you've heard me say it before, I'm going to sound like a broken record but 15 minutes a day on your storage is good enough and will get you through. Just grab one box at a time to declutter. You will get through it.

I hope this helps you on your decluttering journey.

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