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To hold on or let go?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

There are two ways to hold on to people/ideas/things.

One way is to grasp tightly. To want something so bad that the possibility that it’s not yours is uncomfortable. So you hold even tighter. Or maybe you believe so strongly that you are right and everyone else is wrong - you become so stuck and unwilling to hear a new idea because deep down you are scared it could dislodge the one you are set on and have put so much energy into.

hand holding a ball

The other is to hold something with open hands. Letting the idea breathe and shift, letting the person change, the item leave.

We can choose to live our lives holding everything so tightly for fear of change or we can choose to let go and live our lives with an understanding that our lives will shift and won't always be the same. Understanding that life can be beautiful if we let it be and are open to what it can show us.

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