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The simplest way to handle exhaustion

Two weeks ago I confessed that I'm exhausted (you can see the full post here). After a ton of decluttering, things still seem to feel like it's too much so I started a journey to declutter even more. Last week I talked about decluttering the piles of stuff that just sit around (that you mean to declutter but just haven't dropped it off at a donation bin etc). This week I wanted to explore an obvious way of handling exhaustion - resting.

Now before you stop reading because it's such an obvious solution, hear me out.

It wasn't that I decided to rest. Or, it wasn't that I put in my calendar "time to rest". It was that I've been clearing out my schedule so it's not packed with all the to-do's so when I need to rest, I have the space to rest. Or when my body is restless, I can go for a walk. There is space to breathe and choose.

We have got to a point in our society where we are being told to schedule in time to meditate or wake up earlier to workout. It's very structured, which can be good, but it's structured in a way that leads to very little freedom in time and a lot of exhaustion. What it doesn't do is allow space around things so that if you want to go for a walk or if you have kids/grandkids and want to play with them you can. It doesn't allow for you to listen to your intuition and your body and do what either of them are calling for. And in my case, it was rest. How did I do it? How did I go from having very busy days and weekends to having this kind of space?

I've been:

  • slowly decluttering my schedule so I'm not doing as much

  • creating boundaries around my time so I'm not doing everything for everyone else

  • allowing myself to not do all that is on my to-do list and evaluating what is actually important to do

It is completely possible to create a life where you feel you have the space to choose what to do and to honor your needs.

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