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The Biggest Surprise When Prepping To Move

Part of the work I do is to help people declutter their home to get it ready for sale and move out. The one response almost everyone has - they are surprised at how much stuff they have.

Even if they have been decluttering for months on their own.

Even if they don't shop a lot for themselves.

Even if they are super organized.

Why is this? I'm just going to say it - we live in a culture that is focused on stuff and it all ends up in our homes and our lives. It all creeps in while we are busy with our life and then it sticks around until we need to declutter for a move or see how cluttered our home is and decide to sort everything.

So how do we fix this problem? My suggestion is a two-part approach.

#1 We need to make decluttering a habit. 15 minutes a day every day (or even 30 minutes each weekend would work) until we get to a point where we can look at our home and say - my home has everything that I love and that represents who I am and what I need AND if I had to move this week all of it could easily come with me.

#2 We need to start paying more attention to what is coming into our home. Just like when you have a health issue and are watching the food that comes into your body, being aware of what you are bringing into your home can help the health of your home in terms of clutter/stuff.

There will be days where 15 minutes isn't happening or maybe you buy something spur of the moment that ends up being something you never use - that is okay. The aim isn't perfection the aim is to get to a place where you feel really good about the place you live and all that is in it.

If you need any help with this, feel free to reach out to me.

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