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The awful truth about the decluttering trend right now

Updated: Jun 12

a pantry with labels for everything

I'll admit decluttering is trending these days. There are books, podcasts, blogs, television shows... it's great BUT there is a downside. There is a perfectionism that is pushed by our culture about decluttering and with that comes a lot of "should"s.

The should of

  • how your home looks after decluttering

  • what you declutter

  • how to declutter

And those "should"s can be so heavy.

So we try to make our home perfect and when we can't we beat ourselves up. And give up and decide we're just messy or hoarders or whatever because we didn't have the cute boxes or labels or we kept 3 extra things someone said we needed to let go of (and we still can't figure out why but we don't want to let go of it).

Or we decide we've found the answer and everyone has to do it our way especially the people we live with. And that becomes heavy because we take this energy of this is the perfect way and expect everyone we live with to conform to it. And they might just resist because honestly who wants to be told what to do and to be told they aren't doing it the "right" way?

So what is the solution?

It's kindness. It's softness. It's letting go of perfectionism. It's understanding you may have a cluttered home and that's okay and instead of being angry at yourself, understanding that you will declutter in a way that works for you (and the people you live with).

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