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The 3 things needed to live authentically

I'm going to start this off with a full confession - I was not living authentically for the longest time. I thought I was being myself and in some ways I was. But I was definitely not tuned into my true self and living in a way that reflected that.

Some of the signs that I wasn't living authentically:

  1. I was more concerned with how others felt about something than how I did

  2. I had a hard time making decisions

  3. I questioned everything I did

  4. I didn't say no to things I didn't want or need

  5. I did some things because I felt I should

I turned this around with three steps.

  1. I connected to my core self - there are multiple ways I did this - meditation, yoga, walks, journaling etc. But the most important thing was I would do is check in with myself when a big decision needed to be made and I listened to myself before anything else.

  2. I decluttered my life - not just my stuff but also my calendar and my mindset. Anything that was a "should" or something I was only doing out of guilt was gone.

  3. I learned boundaries - this wasn't the easiest for me since I was a people pleaser but now that I've got the hang of it, it's 2nd nature.

If any of this resonated with you, I hope you were able to get some ideas on how you can start to live authentically.

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