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The #1 thing you should not do when decluttering

There is really only one thing you need to make sure of when you are decluttering - only go through your own stuff. Yep. I said it. If you live with other people, you are not in charge of and have no business decluttering items that are not your own. There are only a very few exceptions to this.

Even if it annoys you.

Even if they do nothing about it.

Even if they know it drives you crazy and they still do nothing about it.

Why? Because it's their stuff. If the people you live are not on board with decluttering, it's not your job to make them. When you are clearing out your possessions, work on your own items only. After you feel you have gotten to a place where everything that is yours represents who you are and your values, then you can talk with the people in your home about shared items and see if they are open to having a discussion/going through those things (again not their items).

I know this can be tough. I know it's hard when you see the piles and you want to get rid of it all. But trust me, the best way to handle it is to focus on your own piles.

Let me know if this was something you are guilty of or if you just needed the reminder.

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