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Stop, think, breathe, begin

If you feel like you can not do something because of xyz or if you feel like you are spinning with overwhelm or thoughts of how you are not good enough, you can try this:

1) Stop - stop what you are doing and notice the thoughts

2) Think - ask yourself is this a fact or is it a story in my head that I made up about someone/something/myself?

3) Breathe - take a moment to breathe and let that thought go

4) Begin - find a new way to see this thought. Maybe it's just a matter of adding "...and I can learn" or "...and I am working on it" to the end of the sentence. Or maybe it's allowing yourself to think "I think xyz but I know it's not true and I am okay" A big shift in thinking might be too much for your brain and emotions to handle. But a small shift might be enough to switch gears on how you see the issue.

Let me know if you try this and if you need any clarity on new ways to see a thought.

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