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Rip It Up & A Big Announcement About Decluttering

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Stuck on an idea? Sometimes you have to rip it up to move forward

Back when I took art classes, my teacher would have us draw something with lots of care and attention. Once it looked like we were pretty satisfied with the piece, she would have us rip it up. Yep. Our wonderful art would get ripped up. Such a hard way to learn that lesson. But we had to let it go.

Fast forward to this month when I spent most of June with an idea that I was going to create a 90 day declutter program that could get to anyone in the world by text. I had everything ready - all 90 days laid out. EXCEPT the tech isn't there to do this. And I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it work. I was so invested in this idea of it being by text and was doing everything I could to make it work. But I was stressed unnecessarily and it wasn't working. So I ripped it up. Well, not all of it but the text part - that's completely gone.

What came out of ripping that part of the idea up? Well I'm actually pretty excited. Introducing:

The 90 Day Declutter Program

What it is -

  • You get an email from me every day for 90 days

  • Each email is fairly short - most are only 1-2 sentences long

  • I take you through the declutter process step by step

  • It's only 15 minutes a day

  • I have days built in where you take the items to the donation center/bins

  • We go through your whole home

  • You learn the declutter habits so when it's over you can continue on your own if you want

And it's only $37 USD

What it won't be -

  • Hurried - it's a very low key pace because slow and steady win the race

  • Overwhelming - we work in small bursts to keep everything from feeling too big a project

  • We are not tackling the harder to declutter stuff (that's for one on one coaching)

So ripping up the idea of doing this by text worked because now I'm more relaxed and even more excited to share this with you.

Ready to join? Click here:

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