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Let's discuss that dreaded pile of clutter

Updated: Jan 15

Last week I invited you along as I go through the little details that are springing up post decluttering. If you didn't see it, you can read it here. The truth is that even though I have decluttered so much of my home and life, there are still a few things that are hanging around in my home and filling up my inbox which are keeping me from feeling free and calm.

This past week I wanted to clear away something that I see but not every day. We have a table in the basement where we have a bag of items for charity, a bag of batteries and electronics to recycle, an a bunch of stuff that I want to either sell or find a home for that I know I can't bring to a donation spot. Even though I don't see this every day, I know it's there and it's been nagging at me.

I know we will be taking care of the recycling items at the next event and I have made it a habit to bring the bag for charity with me when I'm doing errands and the drop off spot is nearby. However there are a few things on that table that don't fit into the previous two categories and I have been meaning to handle that I haven't.

Is this you? Do you have a pile of stuff that you know you need to deal with but have been putting it off?

This is what I did to handle it:

First I was completely honest with myself. I am fairly busy and know that I don't have a ton of time to spend clearing away all of it at once. I gave myself a lot of grace and knew that it's not all going to get done over the weekend (when I had time)

I also decided to limit myself on time. I only allowed myself a half hour because I don't want to go down that rabbit hole and I know I can come back to it next weekend (which is the plan).

And then I did it. I posted two items on FB. Only two. And honestly if it was only one that would have been enough. I was lucky that they both got picked up quickly and now they are being used for exactly what they were meant for and not sitting in my basement on a table.

So simple. And next weekend I'm going to do the exact same thing. And I'm going to keep just spending a half an hour each weekend getting all of the items on (and under) the table out of the house. It's not going to be immediate but it is going to get done.

I hope this helps you if you have a dreaded pile somewhere in your home.

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