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Is your clutter staring at you when you walk into the room?

Are you looking for a simple and achievable roadmap to help you get started decluttering?

If so, I have a 30-day Decluttering Program just for you. In it, you get an email from me every day guiding you through decluttering your whole home for 15 minutes a day.

"Elisa’s Declutter Program is extremely well organized. It helped me to break the chore into manageable (even enjoyable!) daily tasks. Elisa’s daily reminders helped me to limit my time spent each day. Knowing that I could tackle the next part tomorrow helped me to stop for the day, which kept me from becoming overwhelmed by the project. The Declutter Program has allowed me to rid my home of unnecessary things, which has in turn left room for better organization, less visual clutter, and less anxiety." -Robin S.

From July 1 - 7, 2024, anyone who signs up, gets a free 15-30 minute call with me to go over your biggest decluttering issue.

Ready to learn more? Click here:

Have questions, contact me here:

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