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I didn't expect this result from walking

Updated: May 15

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dear loves, just breathe

I’ve started a step/walking goal. Its’s been a few weeks and I have seen some benefits already. Sure my doctor is going to be happier seeing my numbers from bloodwork looking better than they have in years. And yes, it’s been great to go on long walks with friends to really catch up on what’s going on with each other.

But there has also been a benefit I didn’t know would happen. I kinda figured it would happen but honestly didn’t expect it. It was a benefit I needed but didn’t realize how badly.

I had time alone.

Absolutely alone. No distractions. No screens, no texts, no calls. Nothing.

Just me being with me.

And my thoughts.

And nature.

This gave me a moment to breathe, a chance to center myself, a moment to get grounded and most of all time to listen to myself. So when things were really crazy and I couldn’t figure out what my next move would be - I went on a walk and figured it out. When I walk to work I get a long pause to transition from being in my “home” mind to my “work” mind. Sometimes I go on a walk alone in the rain because it is so quiet on the streets.

What’s happened for me is I’ve started feeling less frantic and more calm. I love that I have this option and can pull out when I need it.

I’m curious to see when the seasons change how much of my walking will change. Will I walk in the dead of winter when it’s so cold out no one is outside? I am kind of excited to see what that’s like.

Maybe walking isn't your jam. Maybe you are into swimming or running. When you do whatever it is you love to do, I just ask that you let yourself have time alone. Let yourself listen to yourself. Because you deserve that time.

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