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How to keep calm during the holidays - week 6

Here we are at the final week of keeping calm during the holidays and we are deep into the holidays. I wanted to do a mini recap in case you need to utilize one of these in the next week or so:

1) Remember to breathe - if you are in a situation that is stressing you out, take a time out and breathe. Even if it means stepping into the bathroom to get away from the person/situation - try to count your breathing. It will get you focused on yourself and your breath and give you a moment to compose yourself, feel more calm and hopefully handle the situation in the way that feels best to you.

2) If you can, let go of a "should" - either let someone else do it (another family member, a friend, even a bakery) or just let go of it completely this year. Especially if it's a "should" that has you feeling overwhelmed, you deserve to take a break from it.

3) When possible, create boundaries. Actually, always create boundaries but we can get into that full on another time. But if you are in charge of an event or if you know someone is going to try to steamroll what you would like to do, say something. Say what your expectations are. It lets everyone know and is helpful for everyone.

4) Tap if you have the time. It's a great resource that helped me in one of the most stressful periods of my life. The Tapping Solution is a great way to learn more about EFT.

5) Take a moment for yourself and go outside to nature. It's a great grounding technique when you are incredibly stressed but it's also a good thing to do before or after something that normally stresses you out. Even if it's for 5 minutes, just taking a moment to listen to what's around you and see the sky, trees, water etc., is incredibly calming.

You've got this.



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