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How to keep calm during the holidays - week 2

Part of what stresses us out so much about the holidays is all of the "should"s we put on ourselves (or others place on us). I am curious if there is something you do every year that is a should that you can let go of this year?

A number of years ago I had found this pecan bar recipe. It was amazing. I loved it, my family loved it - it was a hit. So I would make it every year for the holidays and give it out to my family as part of their gifts. This became a tradition that I created started when I was married. Then when I was a single mom, and didn't really have the bandwidth to do it, I continued on. Imagine spending 2-3 hours baking including pouring a heavy pan of hot pecans over shortbread. It was delicious but it was also stressing me out. I spent every December worried about getting the pecans and all of the ingredients ready and then finding a time to make the bars. Even though I liked them, I didn't love them and definitely didn't have the time to do it. Then a few years ago my partner suggested I let it go. What? How could I let it go? Everyone was counting on me! But were they? Really? Could everyone handle not getting pecan bars this holiday? So I tried it. I think I called/texted to let everyone know and honestly no one was angry. It's now the 3rd year that I did not make them and I'm totally okay with it. Maybe in a few years I'll go back to baking them but right now pecan bars (and other holiday cookies) are off my radar until I have more time and want to make it more of an event than a chore.

So what about you? Is there something you can let go of? Is everything you stress about over the holidays completely set in stone?

Maybe if there isn't any part of the holidays you can let go of - is there something around the house you can delegate to someone else? When I lived in NYC we would drop our laundry off at the laundry-mat and they would wash and fold the clothes for us. Is that a possibility?

I invite you to think about and hopefully let go of one thing this year that stresses you out during the holidays so you can be more calm and enjoy yourself.



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