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How to declutter a collection

A family member reached out to me asking how to declutter her very extensive rock concert t-shirt collection. This is what I would do (and you can apply it to a collection you have):

First sort the t-shirts into piles - in this case, I would sort them by musician/band. This way you see all of the shirts and can keep them in mind when you start asking yourself some questions).

Then go through each pile and ask yourself the following about that specific musician/band.

Does this band mean a lot to me now?

What does it mean to me to hold onto these shirts/have these?

Do I have great memories from the concerts? Do the T-shirts show that?

Do I love all of the T-shirts? For the ones I don't love, is it okay to let go of it?

Do I love all of the designs on the t-shirts? If not, can I let go of the ones I don't love?

If you are decluttering in 15 min a day this could take a few days to get through everything. You could sort one or two piles a day depending on how big the piles are.

I hope this helps you in your decluttering journey.

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