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How to break the clutter cycle

Have you noticed that when you clear the clutter or clean up a part of your home that it comes back? And it's not just the stuff in your home, it could be emails or your schedule etc.

There is a theory that the universe doesn't like a vacuum so when something goes away, it's quickly replaced by something else. While I can see that way of thinking, I'm going to have to disagree. I would argue that it's replaced quickly because we aren't paying attention and being mindful to how the stuff/activities etc got there in the first place. So when it's cleared up, we allow for the next thing to come in without thinking about it. AND I would also argue that it might be in that space - that empty space - that we feel a little bit uncomfortable and work to fill it up quickly.

If we see the clutter cycle as this:

We buy something we think is perfect

We stop using or admiring the perfect thing - it becomes clutter

Clutter is cleared away

The void is uncomfortable to us or we want something else to replace the stuff

Then we can spot where we can prevent the cycle from continuing. Of course there will be things you will want to clear away, but the more aware you are to your own thoughts and feelings around your stuff, the easier it will be to process it all. So here are some questions to ask yourself:

As you are decluttering:

What do I think about empty space?

How do I feel about empty space?

Is empty space good? Is it bad? Are you neutral on it?

Who has a home that has empty space? How do I feel about them?

When you are shopping:

Is this something I need?

If it isn't: What do I like about it? Does is represent who I am now? Does it represent who I was/a different version of me? Does it represent who I want to be?

I hope you found this helpful. If you want more tips on finding your calm by decluttering your life, you can join my newsletter (and get a free download on how to declutter your thoughts) by clicking here.

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