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Gearing up for the holidays part 2

Last week I discussed getting ready for the holidays in terms of your expectations and the time you spend on tasks for the holidays. In other words - decluttering your schedule and your holiday experience so it fits more into who you are and what you want.

This week I would like to dive into decluttering decorations. I know. I know. It's kinda early to talk about that but honestly, it's October and you might be decorating for Halloween. Or maybe you celebrate Christmas and like to put a tree up in November. The possibilities are endless since I don't know the holidays you celebrate - so let's dive in and start talking about this now before it's too late.

First and foremost I want to bring up that if you choose to declutter the holiday decorations, talk with everyone in the home and have them help in the decision-making. This is a time when it's a whole home decision on items. Yes, even if they are a teenager and say they don't care about everything. Asking for their thoughts about this is important - you might be surprised - they might want you to keep something you thought they didn't care about.

You can have a discussion of what the holiday (or holidays) means to you - if it's just you you can journal about it or talk with a friend about it. With that question goes what do the decorations mean to you? Is it important to have a full house decorated to celebrate the holiday or do you like just having one or two items? Do you put items out because you feel you have to or is it because you want to and you love the items you have?

If you are decluttering with family members/roommates, you can have everyone choose a certain number of items to keep. As an example - if you are decluttering tree ornaments, have everyone pick their 5 favorites. And with that, also have them say if there are any decorations they absolutely love and would want you to hold on to and possibly put out for the holiday this year.

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