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Gearing up for the holidays

The end of the year holidays are coming and I want to bring them up now. Yes, now. Not to get your anxiety up, but to give you the time and space to think through what you want for the holidays.

And I'm not talking gifts here.

I'm talking about you spending some time thinking about the holidays and what they mean for you. Because you deserve more than doing the same thing you always do even though you feel horrible or worn out or just stressed at the end of it.

So here are some things to think/journal about over the next few weeks:

What do you love about them? What do you hate about them?

What would a perfect holiday season look like for you? What would have to change in your life for that to happen? Is that possible?

Is there something you are tired of doing?

Is there something you wish you could do?

If you do a ton of work and are tired later - could you delegate something?

Are there people you need to create boundaries with?

Is there a tradition you want to bring back?

Is there a tradition you are tired of and don't want to do this year?

I hope this helps you as we head towards the holidays.

If you need more help decluttering your life and your stuff, feel free to reach out to me and see if working together would be a good fit.

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