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Don't declutter your kids stuff - here's what to do instead

So earlier this week I posted on Instagram that people should not declutter other people's stuff and every time I post this (or something similar) some people freak out. And I get it. I do. If you are working so hard to declutter then someone says to you "Only focus on your stuff" and you look around your home and all you see is everyone else's clutter - it would be beyond frustrating.

Let me first explain that this idea of not decluttering other people's stuff comes from wanting people to be seen and heard. Therefore, their feelings about their stuff needs to be listened to and respected.

So I have a workaround - I can't remember where I learned this but this is what I did in my own home:

I sat down with my kid and told them exactly how many toys they could keep out at any given time. We then went through all of the toys and decluttered (my kid decided what to keep and what to let go of). Everything that was kept then went through another sort of which ones would stay out and which ones would go in a storage bin. Whenever a toy was missed, we switched 1 toy in the storage crate for 1 toy out of the crate.

I hope this helps you on your decluttering journey.

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