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Does slow and steady win the race?

I used to love the show "Clean Sweep". Peter Walsh, a declutter coach, would help a family declutter a part (or two) of their home within what seemed like very short week. The before and after photos were inspiring - from chaos to calm.

But the truth is, that's not real life. That family did not get Peter Walsh's expertise for the rest of the year as they navigate decluttering the rest of the home. After he and his team left, no one was there to help them on their mindset so they don't just get all of the clutter back.

When decluttering, it's easy to want it all gone as quickly as possible. I get that. But is it realistic for you? Is it realistic for your schedule? And is it realistic for you in changing your mindset about the stuff you own?

I have seen situations where someone was able to declutter their home in a week or less. In those cases it was someone living alone who was determined to clear away all the clutter. Is that you?

If you have tried to declutter all at once but burnt out quickly or if you live with someone besides yourself and need to consider everyones stuff and mindset around clutter, maybe going slow and steady is the best way for you to go.

So does slow and steady win the race? It really just depends on you and your needs.

Was this helpful to you? If you've been considering decluttering and need some help, contact me and we can create a coaching plan that works for best for you.

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