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Can I share a secret with you?

I'm exhausted. I have done a ton of work decluttering so I can have a calm home and now that it's (fairly) calm, I've noticed how many emails I get every day, how busy my schedule is, how crammed my life feels. I'm exhausted when I open up my email or look at my calendar.

Are you exhausted too?

Maybe your home feels full of stuff. Maybe your emails have more "unreads" than "reads". Maybe your time feels like it's filled up with to-dos and going all over the place to do things for everyone else. Maybe it's all of that. Maybe it's just a piece of that but you feel very disconnected from the life that you want for yourself.

If this is you, I'm inviting you on a journey with me as I declutter my life the same way I learned how to declutter my home - authentically. I'll give you tips and tricks as I implement them along the way. Same day (Monday). Same place.

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