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But it was expensive...

True story - I know someone who moved over 2,000 miles with clothes that still had tags on them from the 90s. And I'm not talking about one or two items, I'm talking about about half of her closet still had tags on them (and some definitely had shoulder pads so...). And guess what - they were all top fashion brands.

Now we aren't going to go into why she did this but I think it's a great time to talk about why we hold onto items when they "cost a lot" even if we never use them.

Here are some common thoughts to holding onto items that were expensive:

  • If I give it away, I will be loosing money

  • If I give it away and need it, I don't want to replace it with something less expensive

  • It might be worth something in the future

  • The brand is important to me

  • My xyz bought it for me and if I don't keep it they will think I don't care about them or their money

  • I can't use it because if it breaks/gets ruined, it was very expensive and I can't get another

When we think these thoughts, it's very hard to let go of the item (or sometimes even use the item). But if the item is not authentically us, holding onto the item isn't serving us in the way we want to live.

If this is you, here's an exercise:

First ask - does this item represent me and where I want to be in life?

If the answer is yes - then ask

What about this item do I love? Is it the brand? Is it the quality? Is it the look of it? Is it how it makes me feel when I wear it/use it? Go deep into what you absolutely love about it.

If the answer is no - then ask

If this item only cost me $1 and had no brand attached to it - would I still want it? Why not? Go deep into what is missing that you wish it had.

This exercise is not only going to help you decide if you want to keep an item, it's also going to help you become more aware of what you truly want when you go shopping. So whether you go shopping just based on the name of the designer or not you can really clarify what would be the best representation of who you are and what matters to you.

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