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Are you chasing happiness?

Something that I have observed is when we chase happiness, it is as if we are trying to avoid all of the other emotions as much as possible. As though happiness will solve everything for us.

The problem with this thinking is that there is no feeling that lasts. It all just moves through us. It informs us but it does not become a part of who we are. So if we are chasing happiness, we will be looking everywhere to find what we need and we might even do things to numb all the other feelings out. And I would argue we also never feel whole.

So what's the solution? It's to allow for all the emotions. Not just allow them but let them happen. Feel the feels. And then listen to them because each feeling especially the hard ones like sadness, fear, and anger - they tell us so much about ourselves and our story. What happens is as you are allowing for all the feelings and not judging them or trying to push them away, you will find your truth. When you find your truth, you find peace.

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