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All about the new podcast!

If you don't already know, you can find Dear Loves Just Breathe here on the blog, via a newsletter, in the Facebook group on Instagram and now...

I'm excited to announce the Dear Loves Just Breathe Podcast has launched.

Part of why I'm incredibly excited about this is because I love podcasts. It's the way I consume information while I'm driving, going for long walks, or doing things around the house. So to be able to offer a declutter coaching podcast is wonderful to me.

Another reason I'm excited is because I know we all consume information differently. Some people are very into videos so I offer lives on Mondays (on Instagram and the DLJB FB Group). Other people love to read so I offer this blog and a newsletter (both of which are updated/sent out weekly). Then there are people like me who love to listen to podcasts. And this allows anyone to mix and match the way that is best for them.

So my plan for the podcast is to talk about decluttering authentically AND I am going to be interviewing experts on how they help their clients live authentically (life coaches, stylists, designers). I've already started scheduling those so stay tuned on that.

The podcast comes out every Wednesday. The first episode has already published and is all about my story with decluttering. The next one that is dropping on the 9th is all about the top 5 tips I would give a busy person if they wanted to start decluttering. You can check it out here:

If you do listen, let me know what you think!

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