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Abundance vs. Scarcity In Decluttering

I've been thinking a lot about our mindset when we declutter - specifically around abundance and scarcity. An abundance mindset is where you feel that there is always more. A scarcity mindset believes there is never enough.

Some of the reason we hold onto items comes from a scarcity mindset. This is true when we couple it with a fear of loss:

"I might need this"

"What if I can't find it again"

It might even come when we bought it in the first place especially if we have a scarcity mindset around money:

"It was expensive"

"I got it on sale"

If you have said any of these to yourself when decluttering, I invite you to try a new approach. Come to the declutter session with a mindset that there is always more. It seems odd since you are trying to go for less. But hear me out - what if when you were decluttering items you knew that if you needed it, you could get it again? Or, if you needed it, not only could you get it again but it would be better*.

Just sit with that idea.

How does it feel to you? Does it feel safe or bring up anxiety?

If it feels safe, try it next time you declutter.

If it brings up anxiety, there is something more there to uncover.

And always, if you need help decluttering, feel free to reach out to me to see if working together is a good fit for you.

*This doesn't work with sentimental items.

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