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A real look into your calendar

Updated: May 14

Calendar in front of laptop

If you don't already know, I'm minimalist minded. What I like about that isn't just the fact that having less stuff means less to clean up - it's the part that the rest of your life changes as well.

Recently I have been thinking about my schedule and whether or not I'm doing the things I love more and the things I don't care for less.

In order to figure this out, I'm going to do a time audit and you are welcome to join me. This is what I'm planning on doing (you are welcome to make adjustments):

1) Brainstorm everything that you do on a given week - including monthly meetings and any other obligations you have

2) Go through the list asking these questions:

  • What am I doing that I absolutely love? How can I do more of it?

  • What am I doing that is necessary?

  • Of the things I do and don't love but are necessary - can I resource them out? ie if you don't love to cook but can't afford to go out all of the time, is there a way to get pre-made dinners that you and your family loves? Or, depending on where you live, some laundromats wash and fold your clothes for you (yep, for real).

  • Also - what about the obligations that I have? What about committees and volunteering? Do I love them? What purposes do they serve? Do I still feel the way I originally felt about them when I signed up for them?

  • Is there anything I wish I could do but don't seem to have the time?

3) After going through everything, sit with it and feel it. Really feel it. Does anything make you angry? Or sad? Grateful? Overwhelmed? Happy?

4) Your gut will tell you the next steps - what to let go of, what to make time for etc.

Did you go through your calendar and obligations? What did you find out?

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