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5 Things People Would Be Surprised To Learn About Me

person holding a cup of tea

1 I played rugby. Even though I was horrible at it, I kept playing. I played at MHC, UW Madison, Chicago, and NYC. It's probably about 7 years of me playing. It is crazy because when I say I was bad, I was horrible at it (think slow runner, not a fan of tackling or being tackled). I was always on the B team; honestly, if there were tryouts, I wouldn’t have made the first cut. But I met some amazing people along the way.

2 You might know I like tea but when people hear that, they think I want some nice herbal something or another. Nope. I have 2-5 cups of black tea every day. And it’s not flavored or anything - it’s seriously strong and about as close to coffee as you can get (no, I don’t like coffee). If I lived in the UK, it’s called builders tea (I take mine without milk or sugar though).

3 I have a full-time job plus three businesses. I know - what the heck?!? They are: Dear Loves Just Breathe (for decluttering), my art (yes, I'm an artist too), and I sell skincare (I now just help my current customers). My goal is to leave the 9-5 job and have Dear Loves Just Breathe as my main career (and more time to paint).

4 I have a hearing disorder and just got a new pair of hearing aids. Okay, if you’ve spent time with me in person you might already know this because of all of the times I ask “what” (before I got my new hearing aids). I have a genetic hearing issue that I’ve had since I was a kid. I have had two surgeries to fix it and hearing aids for 20+ years.

5 I have a pile of papers in my office just sitting there. Yep. I have a clutter pile. I’m slowly working through it. The #1 thing I’m not doing is shaming myself for having it. It is what it is and I will get through it. And, yes, I just snuck a decluttering lesson in this post.

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