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15 Places to donate/recycle your stuff (and not throw it away)

I'm going to be completely honest here. I'm writing this post because I saw a fellow declutter coach/professional organizer show off bags of garbage from a recent declutter. That's great - except it was filled with items that could have been recycled. Now I'm not saying our system to handle items we don't need/want anymore is the best. It really isn't. What I am saying is we have more options that many people realize.

So I've created a list of places you might not know about to donate or recycle your items. Although most of the options on the list only serve the US and Canada, it doesn't mean there isn't one near you - just look it up online there might be something and that is one less thing to throw away.

1 Art/Craft supplies (Chicago based) -

4 Clothing that has stains/holes in it - Take back Bag

6 Eye Glasses - Lions Club (international)

9 School/office supplies -

10 Sewing Machines and other tools (UK based) -

11 Sheets/Towels/Blankets - Local animal shelters are usually looking for these

12 Sneaker/trainer recycling -

Additional options for gently used items - look for these online to see guidelines and need of the items items:

Buy nothing groups on Facebook

Religious donation/charity drives




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