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Deeper Level Declutter Coaching

Are you ready to take a deeper look at what you’ve been holding onto so you can really clear away the clutter once and for all?

If you would like to:

  • Know with certainty whether or not you want to keep an item - no more guilt involved

  • Feel empowered that you are making choices that align with who you truly are

  • Clear away clutter that you have been holding onto for years

  • Go really deep into who you are and what is important to you so moving forward you won’t take on other peoples stuff if it doesn’t connect with you

Without having to worry that:

  • You are making big decisions without working through your feelings and thoughts 

  • You are doing this on your own without any support

And if you feel:


  • Confused about whether or not to let go of something because of the history behind the item and all the guilt you feel around it

  • Frustrated that no matter how much you declutter, there is still a bunch of stuff you don’t know what to do with

  • Excited about the relief of clearing out things you’ve kept forever but not knowing where to start gives you anxiety

Then this deeper level declutter coaching is for you.


When we work together in person or through online coaching we go through all of the stuff you have been holding onto and I will help you emotionally release everything you don’t need to create your dream space.


In the Chicago area? Here’s what to expect with in person deep declutter coaching:

We will look into your home and life and tailor the decluttering to exactly what your needs are. We can meet for the full 5 hours or break it into two segments. Everything that is decluttered will be removed by me (depending on the size) by the end of the session so you don’t have to worry about it.


Everywhere else? Here’s what to expect with online deep declutter coaching:

We will look into your home and life and tailor the decluttering to exactly what your needs are and what works best for you (and your family). We can meet for 60 minutes once a week or every other week and go through the items that you are struggling with to decide if you want to keep them or let them go.

What past clients are saying:

“I was completely overwhelmed when I tried to declutter without help! Elisa came in, assessed the project and discussed my goals. She worked with me every step of the way and gently redirected me back to my goals when I started to get distracted. I couldn’t have done it without her help!”

-Courtney B.

“Thank you for such a productive month of decluttering my home. Your support through the emotional attachment throughout was exactly what I needed to clear away so much stuff that just moved with us from house to house. I really enjoyed the journal exercises you gave me. They gave me clarity around how I want my home to feel. Having worked with you I now feel confident to keep going and be discerning around letting go of things that are just taking up space.”

-Gena F.


I’m Elisa Lindstrom, an ex-therapist turned declutter coach. I am a strong believer that once we clear away the clutter in our homes and our lives, we make room for so much more. Whether we have more time with our families, more mental space, or more money in our bank account, removing clutter changes lives.


When I’m not decluttering, I’m an artist inspired by nature who drinks way too much tea, fawns over my plants and walks around the neighborhood. I live with my partner and teenager just north of Chicago.

$750 for a 5 hour session

(this time can be split up as needed)

Click here to set up a call to see if this is the right fit for you

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